Accent 3

  My name is Laura and I live in gorgeous Colorado with my two teenage children plus, my "Frenchie" children ;)

I have always loved animals my entire life and always had a dog or two, various breeds, mainly mixed. When I was about 21 I bought my first English Bulldog...I had always dreamed of one day having an English Bulldog. I LOVE them! Since then I have had the opportunity to have loved with my entire Heart... a couple more English Bulldogs which have now left me to be with God. My Emee was 12 years old (with cancer) before she left me and her little husband "Joseph" was 9 when he had to leave us (with cancer also). They will forever be in my heart ;). My kids had always known that I loved the French Bulldogs too, but had never had the opportunity to be blessed with one yet. It was my daughter that found the website that I got my first beloved Frenchie baby from...My beautiful "Kody"! He is my little "Love"!!! I do not know how I ever got through life without this boy!!! Since Kody I have gotten several other Frenchie babies. Once you own a Frenchie (or they own you ;) you can't just have one!!! They are addicting!!! There is nothing on this earth that quite compares to these little "Angels" from above~"dog spelled backward is GOD". I guess that is the reason that ALL dogs are man's bestfriend and they Love so unconditionally!

The love I have for my Frenchie's is the reason for my wanting to share with others that same bliss and love found from owning one of these most precious and very special little companions. I will have "Healthy", "Sound", and "Good tempered" babies. When choosing my breeding pairs, I chose babies from Great Pedigree's and wonderful temperament. I have selected pups from very reputable well known breeders from Europe to the USA. All of my babies will be AKC registered. Alll of my puppies as "Pets" with limited AKC registration.

My babies will be priced according to Color, gender, and confirmation.

Anyone interested in one of my babies can contact me by phone or e-mail. I will do my best to return all messages.

I will NOT sell to ANY "puppy mill" or "pet store". I will ask for references for All prospective buyers i.e.; 

One or two Veterinarians that know you and your pets well Plus 2 other personal references (not immediate family please)

If the only question you have is: "How Much?" Then you should probably find another breeder.